Mukul Judiciary Coaching believes that there should be complete faith of the students upon the teachers and academy and in order to build the relationship of trust and confidence – We are giving seven days free trial classes (we are not charging anything from the students before seven days. If we able to build the trust with the students then only they have to pay the fees) .

The duration of the entire course will be of eight months.

The main focus of our classes will be on the conceptual clarity with the help of practical examples so that the students feel connected with the subject. It will help them to create picture of the particular situation in their mind and it will help them to understand the LAW better.

For prelims important sections will be done in the class along with the concepts and for practicing purposes which is very important for prelims there will be regular test after the completion of every topic and in the end after the completion of the subject there will be another test of the entire subject.

For mains conceptual clarity is must which will be done as mentioned above but that is not enough for cracking the mains , rather practice is must and in competitive examinations quality matters not quantity. Students must learn how to represent the answer, what to write, what not to write. All these things will be taught in the class and regular test of mains will also be conducted so that the students get use to with the writing pattern of the mains.

We are providing the judgments of the Hon’ble Supreme Court to the students so that the students will develop the habit of reading the judgments which is very important for a good judge and also for a good lawyer. In the classes we also teach how to read the judgments – what is the relevant part of the judgment, how the students can use the particular portion of the judgments in their writing etc.

The duration of the class will be of four hours every day. We will teach two subjects – in the first half of the class one major subject (for two hours) and in the second half of the class one small subject (for 1 hr 45 min) (there will be 15 min break between the two classes).

Doubt clearing session will be held every day before half an hour of beginning of the class.

We are also providing to the students the recording of lectures which the students can see if they have missed their classes for any reason.
If the students develop the faith upon us then they have to pay the fees Rs. 80,000 excluding GST (After seven days free trial classes).