Judicial Courses (Higher Judicial)

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After completion of LLB and after completion of certain years of practice one can give the entrance test for judicial services (senior division) i.e. for Additional District Judge.

For clearing the judicial exam you have to clear three stages:-

First is a stage of preliminary examination. In this test there will be objective type questions. In this test there will be negative marking also. After clearing the first stage you will qualify for the mains which is subjective (written) in nature. Selection for mains is dependent upon the cut off list which is made on the basis of the result of preliminary examination. After main again cut off list will be made for selection of the candidates for the last stage i.e. the stage of interview. Interview will be conducted by the members of board and they will judge the candidate’s overall personality.

We focus in our institute on all three stages i.e. preliminary, mains and interview. The duration of our course is 10 months (for prelims and mains both). In these 10 months we focus on conceptual clarity of each subject of law from the point of view of mains. After completion of each subject we will conduct test specially from prelims point of view. By this students will be prepared both for prelims and mains. It is necessary to do the preparation for mains with the prelims because now a day’s prelims is also based upon the legal concepts and not only on bare Act and also after clearing prelims we will get only 50 to 60 days (approx) for the preparation of mains. Hence it is better to get yourself better prepared for the mains from the beginning.

We focus in classes first on substantive law and then upon procedural law. Our classes, notes are totally dependent upon Hon’ble Supreme Court judgments. Students also has to prepare the languages for mains.