ADA (Punjab and Haryana)

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Assistant District Attorneys are appointed by various states for the assistance of the District Attorneys. District attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys do work as Public Prosecutors and Assistant Public Prosecutors in the district courts of every district. They are the part of executive in government.

Preparation for ADA depend upon the pattern adopted by the concerned state for selection of ADA. Sometime the concerned state conducted all three stages i.e. prelims, mains and interview. Whereas sometimes it conducts only prelims and interview.

It covers all major subjects of law which will include subjects of substantive law and procedural law also.

The duration of course will depend upon the pattern adopted by state as discussed above.

If only prelims and interview is there then the duration will be 2 ½ to 3 months.

But if they will conduct the mains then the duration of course will be 7 to 8 months.